2 Victoria Avenue
Concord West, NSW 2138
(02) 9743 1336

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a referral to come?

No. You are always welcome.

Initial Consultation. What happens?

We would like to get to know a bit about you, your medical history and what brought you here.

Time is spent assessing and examining you, before we discuss any treatment. Examination includes a variety of neurological, orthopaedic and muscle tests.

Do I need X-rays or scans?

No.  If it is clinically indicated that X-rays are needed to rule out pathology, fracture etc. then we use X-rays. The same goes for CT and MRI.

Do we see Medicare patients?

Yes. Under the EPC (Enhanced Primary Care) program, your GP must refer you to us.

Do you see DVA (Department of Veterans Affairs) patients?

Yes. Here you do need a referral from your GP too.

Do you see Workers Compensation patients?